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Table Of Contents: [April 5th, 2005 @ 7:56am]

You have reached a restricted area!

I. To be granted access:
    1. Comment on this entry.
        a. So that I know that you added me.
        b. So that I know that you want me to add you back.
    2. Tell me why you would like access to view my journal.
        a. What do you find interesting about me?
        b. What do we have in common?
    3. Give me a brief description of yourself.
        a. Age, Gender, Location, Appearance.
        b. Interests, Hobbies, or Talents.
    4. Provide pictures if you have them.
        a. Knowing what others look like helps me to get to know them better.
    5. And finally, Please tell me how you found my journal.
        a. This one is to satisfy my own curiosity.

II. Promotions:
    I'm ok with community promotions being posted in my journal, as long as they are something that I would like to join. Please check my profile for my interests; if your community interests do not match any of mine, then please do not post your promotion here. If you are a rating community: I'm not interested.

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